Saturday, 22nd February
Today, another nice update, for you, my visitor ^^
In Fact; the download part is coming back...
A after some troubles you'll be able to download some of my favourite songs...
Hope you'll like it ^^

Sunday, 19th January
There is a good new today !!
Remember...I've say; a long time ago, that the english version of my discography would coming soon..
Ok; I think I've been wrong but today; after spending 7 or 8 hours by translating it....The discography is updated...
But don't be too much happy...It's not finished...I'll have to translate the Ep's and five albums....
However; The biggest, and the harddest is done; and you can visit it, in order to see If I've made a lot of English grammar mistakes....(and you could tell me !!! It would be very nice !!!)

Wednesday, 1st January
I've to wish you an Happy new year, Fayenatics !
Hey, I hope you had a nice Christmas, filled with a lot of Faye's albums ^^
I want to thank you each visitor, because this site is now 7 months old and without you, you know that
It would not have be possible...
I hope 2003 will give us the best Faye's album !! No, not a dream ^^

Sunday, 10 November
Oh oh, Shame on me !! No updates since November ! please forgive me !!
This time, you'll find some new Mp3's you'll be able to download...I also promise that I'm going to translate some French pages and I hope you'll enjoy them...
Now, I must speak about Faye's news...So, She has just signed with Sony and She'll record her next album on the beginning of the next year...can't wait !!
She has also recorded a song called "I love you" for the love you !!

Sunday, 15th September
All The design of this site has been changed.
I hope you'll enjoy this new presentation...Don't forget to write what you think in my Guestbook...Thanks

Tuesday, 10th September
You could now find a part (Download) in which you'll be able to download some Faye's tracks...
I Hope you'll enjoy this part...don't hesitate to tell me what you think of this site in my Guestbook.

Tuesday, 20th August
Hello !!

As You can see, the english version of this site has been updated.
After a long time, and with the help of the best english teacher (who I have to thank a lot !!),
I've corrected a lot of mistakes and I hope you'll be able to understand what I wrote ^^
be sure that the discography will come as soon as possible

Wednesday, 19th June
I have to say that I have just done the most important update in the History of my site !!
The english version is going to be on line and I've all finished except the test of Faye's albums and Ep's.
I think that this version of my site will allowed people who don't speak French to learn who is Faye...
I'm sure my english is not very well and I've done lot of vocabulary or grammatical mistakes.
So, if you read text that you don't understand or if you see some mistakes, don't hesitate to mail me;
so, with you, I think I'll be able to improve this version. Thanks


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